Roots and values of the host family, the Hasenauers

The old, the new and only the best

Der Unterschwarzachhof in Saalbach Hinterglemm and we, the Hasenauer family, have a long history. The connection between farm and family that has come about over the centuries creates an entity that inspires each and every guest.

With passion, spirit and conviction we have been managing our own farm and the Unterschwarzach businesses for generations. We emphasise dependability and being hosts is our passion.

We always endeavour to see to our guests’ well-being, with a great deal of attention to detail, natural features and with our familial ambience. We welcome you with open arms, always anticipating what you want for every stay, providing unrivalled opportunities. Our aim is to provide exceptional inspiration! And we are always inspired to provide greater quality and service.

Kind regards,

The Hasenauer family
and the entire Unterschwarzach team

Jacky and Toni Hasenauer on a meadow at the Hotel Unterschwarzachhof
"Only those who recognise their roots can grow"

Philosophy & Sustainability

(Anselm Grün quote)

We adore what we do and believe in the power of what is natural and real – and have done for generations and will continue to do in the future. Der Unterschwarzachhof is characterised by its deep roots and history. We emphasise quality, reliability and have a responsibility to our forebears in what we do, to our descendants, our staff and our guests.

  • Sustainable pleasure
    We use produce from our own farm in our cooking – as well as meat from Pinzgau beef, wonderful hay milk, which we also use to make cheese and butter, along with eggs from our hens. In choosing other foods we pay a great deal of attention to regionality and provenance. It is important to us to enhance the region and to present you with a taste of the Alps.
  • Heating using renewable raw materials
    It is not just our own produce from the farm that we use. Wood for the wood chip heating system in our 4 star Superior hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm comes from our own woodland. As a renewable raw material, wood chips are regarded as being environmentally-friendly in comparison to fossil fuels. For our children's future.
  • Local products and producers
    We do our bit to uphold traditional producers as well as Austrian businesses and artisans who have been around for generations and also to ensure that local producers continue to remain competitive. In all areas of the hotel and in Der Unterschwarzach businesses, attention is paid in ensuring the materials used are natural, and for the most part come from local raw materials. In turn, these are used and produced predominantly by local artisans. With that mind, even the clothing for the Unterschwarzach team comes from renowned traditional Austrian businesses.
  • Dependability and sustainability
    We pay attention to our natural surroundings and to the people around us – for greater cohesion in the future too. As an employer we create secure jobs with fair pay, staff accommodation and development opportunities – ensuring sustainable tourism at every level – from an economic, social and ecological point of view. Find out more here about careers in Der Unterschwarzachhof.
  • Quality on every level
    We emphasise quality – from the facilities in our businesses, to service quality and right down to the smallest detail in the foods and raw materials used.
  • Cordiality, genuine hospitality and fairness
    Our aim is not only to make you happy, but to inspire you – in a sustainable manner; each and every time.
Black and white picture of Der Unterschwarzachhof in Saalbach Hinterglemm in days past

Der Unterschwarzachhof – a hotel with history

We carefully bring together the past the present, creating a stylish and dependable holiday home from home.

The hotel history dates back to the 16th century. From archiepiscopal hunting lodge to simple farmstead in Hinterglemm, to the setting up of a guest house which then further developed to become what today is a 4-star Superior wellness and family hotel, complete with additional high-quality businesses.

Nurtured values: The Hasenauer family coat of arms from 1562

The coat of arms is customary in heraldry, and specific symbols in our family coat of arms provide information about the holder of the coat of arms and their job or function:

  • 1562 | The year building dates back to
  • Bishop’s mitre | It brings protection and is a blessing to everyone in the building and is the symbol of the original Unterschwarzachhof, which was set up by Archbishop Paris Lodron of the Archbishopric of Salzburg
  • The building | The building denotes safety and protection, a symbol for the farm and for homeliness
  • Key | The key opens the doors between the inside and the outside.
  • Stag | The stag denotes nature, the mountains and forests and is in reference to the hunting lodge.
  • Bread & tankard | Symbols for food & drink. These reveal the significance of food and drink.

Chronicles & History | Unterschwarzachhof in Saalbach Hinterglemm

From the foundation in 1562 to the hand-over to Toni Hasenauer in 1999

  • 1562 Foundation as a hunting lodge by Archbishop Paris Lodron
    The original Unterschwarzachhof was built in 1562 by Salzburg Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron. It served him as a hunting lodge. The images of hunting and saints on the façades are a reminder of this.
  • In 1902 Der Unterschwarzachhof came into the ownership of the Hasenauer family
    Built as a hunting lodge in 1562, the estate came into the ownership of the Hasenauer family in 1902.
    Upon the marriage of Anna and Josef Hasenauer, in 1902 the Hasenauer family purchased the former ‘Unterschwarzachgut’. As well as the grandfather of the current owner Toni Hasenauer, this marriage yielded 14 other children.
  • 1919 A stroke of fate for the family
    Josef Hasenauer died in a forestry-related accident. Although he was still young, Toni’s grandfather, Hans Hasenauer, had to take on his duties. He often spoke of the great hardship of the thirties. When his mother died suddenly in 1935, he had to continue running the business along with his sister Katharina.
  • 1948 the first guests arrived
    1945 the first ski lift was constructed in Saalbach Hinterglemm. 1948, after partial renovation of the old farmhouse, the Hasenauer family then offered accommodation for the guests coming to Pinzgau for their holidays.
  • 1960 Greater comfort for guests
    In 1960 Toni Hasenauer’s grandparents - Hans and Theresia Hasenauer - were finally able to afford more extensive reconstruction work. Here too the Hasenauer family proved their pioneering qualities – since at that time, central heating and even running water were something really quite out of the ordinary for holiday stay rooms in Pinzgau.
  • 1961 Marriage of Anna and Bartholomäus Hasenauer
    This was the year that Toni Hasenauer’s parents – Anna and Bartholomäus - were married.
  • 1975 Transfer of the estate
    14 years after the marriage, Toni’s grandfather Hans passed the estate to Anna and Bartholomäus. At the time there were three generations living in one house – Toni’s grandparents, his parents and his five siblings.
  • 1976 Major construction to become a 3-star hotel
    Just a year after the transfer of the estate, Der Unterschwarzachhof was converted into a hotel.
  • 1999 Transfer of the estate to Toni Hasenauer
    This was the year Toni’s parents embarked on their well-deserved retirement. As the eldest son, Toni took on the hotel and the estate.

2001 Conversion to 4-star hotel - to date

  • 2001 Conversion to a 4-star hotel
    Thanks to extensive reconstruction of the building, the Hasenauer family were successful in creating a new ambience, gaining a fourth star for their hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm .
  • 2002 Marriage of Toni and Jacky Hasenauer and birth of son Thomas
    In 2002 owner Toni Hasenauer and his wife Jacky celebrated their wedding. In December the same year, their son Thomas came into the world.
  • 2004 Birth of daughter, Antonia
    In October 2004, this family joy was complete with the birth of little Antonia.
  • 2006 The first suites were built
    Another section of the building was renovated, with 13 wonderful rooms and suites in luxurious country-house style created.
  • 2007 Extensive renovations to become a 4-star Superior Hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm
    The 4* Superior Hotel Unterschwarzachhof opens, featuring a new design. The rebuilding and refurbishment wok creating an exclusive country house design stands out with its new, extensive wellness area, indoor pool, beauty department, additional comfortable suites, new entrance hall, lobby and bar along with new outdoor facilities including outdoor pool, loungers and lots of children’s attractions. With that the needs of families, wellness lovers and activity-oriented holiday makers were satisfied.
  • 2010 Opening of Der Schwarzacher – the event location in the mountains
    Another dream was realised – the opening of the restaurant and event location Der Schwarzacher with drive-in, après-ski, chill-out lounge and restaurants. Der Schwarzacher is the new star in the gastronomic sky of Saalbach Hinterglemm and at the same time is the perfect event location in Saalbach Hinterglemm.
  • 2011 Staff building
    A comfortable, new staff building for the Unterschwarzachhof team was set up right in Hinterglemm, close to the hotel and the event location. 37 cosy units (studio apartments, single and double rooms) with cooking area, flat screen TV, separate bathroom and ski room, recreation and laundry room available for staff.
  • 2013 Farm and cheese dairy
    Right on the mountain, nestling amid lush Alpine pastures, the farm and cheese dairy were renovated. It is here that Toni Hasenauer tends to his Pinzgau cattle, hens and horses. Milk and cheese are made in this cosy cheese dairy and can even be sampled straightaway.
  • 2013 Luxury chalet ‘Die Schmiedalm’
    At 1320m altitude a luxurious holiday home from home spanning 370m² was set up, away from all the hustle and bustle, but right in the ski area. The luxury chalet Die Schmiedalm lends a luxurious ambience to a Pinzgau holiday.
  • 2019 Refurbishment of 18 rooms & suites
    In the 18 unique rooms and suites, traditional materials, patterns and shapes from Salzburger Land have been reinterpreted and brought into the 21st century – here farmhouse Baroque meets quality British workmanship in exceptional colours.
  • 2020 Horse stables & Riding area
    An exclusive riding stable with spacious boxes, paddock, horse solarium and the luxurious Riding Room were built, creating an extensive selection of riding offers. The ‘Kinderalm’ and the mini farm also enjoyed a new location and were refurbished. Along with the herb garden, the horse stables, the fountain and the central linden tree, they create a village within a village.
  • 2021 Refurbishment of the entire third floor & Alpen Spa
    Additional rooms & suites were refurbished and provided with exclusive, high-quality materials, while the suites were upgraded to include private saunas. The 1500m² wellness & sauna area was re-designed and upgraded to include relaxation oases and the outdoor facilities were modernised.
  • 2022 Together, Toni Hasenauer and son Thomas manage the farm

And that’s just the beginning...

Jacky and Toni Hasenauer arranging flowers in the Hotel Unterschwarzachhof
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