The farm

The Unterschwarzachhof has a long tradition. The farm has been managed for many generations of the Hasenauer family with passion and conviction. They have an obligation to their farm and everything that has been created over the years. People, animals and nature live in harmony here – for greater cohesion in the future too. This sense of connection is palpable.

Tony with the cows on the Alpine pasture, Hotel Unterschwarzachhof in Saalbach Hinterglemm

The farm on the mountain.

Gutshof Unterschwarzach also has a farm on the mountain – at 1300m altitude it is the highest in Glemmtal, and is managed by the Hasenauer family with a great deal of heart and soul. 

The farm and its animal run areas are located in an Alpine pasture area on the Zwölferkogel in Hinterglemm, where Pinzgauer cattle graze on lush Alpine pastures in the summer, and in the winter are fed with only the best hay. Looking after the animals in way which is appropriate is very important to Toni and Thomas Hasenauer.

Gourmets who have an awareness of quality are especially delighted by the many fresh products that come from the hotel’s own farm. Fresh hay milk from Pinzgauer cows, butter and cheese, fresh eggs every day from free-range hens and of course top-quality and delicious meat from their own cattle are used in the 4 star wellness and family hotel and in the restaurant and event location, Der Schwarzacher to create delicious meals – where you can taste the provenance and the care that has gone in to the preparation.

Real Pinzgauers - a special breed

At the Unterschwarzachhof, Pinzgauer cattle, a wonderful, high-yield cattle breed, are reared. On their farm in Saalbach Hinterglemm the Hasenauer family have about 45 Pinzgauer cattle – of which 20 are Pinzgau dairy cows – then there is a pure-bred Pinzgauer bull to help ensure there is healthy breeding - and of course calves.

Interesting facts about Pinzgauer cattle

Pinzgauer cattle are long-established, hardy and productive. This mountain farm cow breed is characterised by its typical chestnut brown colour and white stripes on its back and legs, and takes its name from where it comes from – the Pinzgau region (Zell am See district) in Salzburger Land. The combination of high milk yield and good adaptability mean it is an ideal suckler herd. Pinzgauer beef is also exceptionally popular due to its excellent meat quality – so clearly this is one pleasure we ought not deprive you of.

Exterior view of the horse stables in the Hotel Unterschwarzachhof

Plenty of space for hassle-free holidays

Indeed it is not just the farm on the mountain, but also the lush pastures in the valley around the luxurious 4 star Superior hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm, on which fragrant Alpine herbs and pasture flowers grow and make superb hay, that are part of the farm, providing plenty of space for your holiday. Here too you will find a children's farm with cuddly holiday companions and wonderful horse stables.

Child feeding a pony in the mini farm at the Hotel Unterschwarzachhof

Animals on the farm – a paradise for families

In the valley – right at the hotel – there is a mini farm which has a petting zoo and cuddly holiday companions for children and families. Children can groom the ponies and alpacas here and of course stroke the cute cats, and feed the goats and sheep.

Animal sponsorship during a holiday makes a family stay at the farm an unforgettable experience.

Experiences on the farm

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