Pools in a 4*Superior wellness hotel

Dive in and enjoy swimming fun in a stylish ambience with views to the mountains in Saalbach Hinterglemm. With an extensive pool and sauna area, including indoor and outdoor pool, the Unterschwarzachhof is among the exclusive hotels in Saalbach Hinterglemm with its wellness and spa selection. The indoor pool is directly linked to the heated outdoor pool – which means you can relax and unwind during a wellness and family holiday, complete with indoor and outdoor pools. Afterwards enjoy the soothing warmth of the saunas and steam baths, and unwind in a relaxing atmosphere.

Indoor pool in the Unterschwarzachhof

After leaping into the indoor pool, complete with water massage bench, relax in the extensive lounger area, or swim direct via the water tube into the heated outdoor pool and enjoy the panorama of Saalbach Hinterglemm.

Relaxing together with the kids during a family wellness holiday is ideal in the Unterschwarzachhof – after all, the little ones have their own splash pool.

Outdoor pool for relaxation

The heated outdoor pool tempts you to enjoy the fantastic mountain air and the mountains in summer and winter. With water temperatures of around 30°C, leaping into the water is a joy after a fun skiing session - even in the winter - in our 4*S hotel right at the piste in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

The lounger area invites you to relax in the summer, with loungers for families, lounger areas for couples and parasols. In winter all the exterior floor areas, along with the pools, are heated using our wood chip heating system and the loungers have lambskins – for a cosy well-being time in the Unterschwarzachhof.

Panorama whirlpool (for the over 16s)

Enjoy a gentle massage in the panorama whirlpool, while gazing at the mountains. At the touch of a button, the pool is filled with freshly prepared 36°C water, then after 30 minutes emptied again and refilled.

Mountain spring pool (for ages 16 and over)

Enjoy a leap into the cool water after a sauna session.


Sauna & relaxation in the Unterschwarzachhof

Relaxation for all the senses awaits in the sauna area in the 4 star Superior wellness hotel Unterschwarzachhof. Your sense of joie de vivre is awakened in the saunas and steam baths. Surrounded by natural materials, such as wood, glass and sophisticated materials, you will find holistic well-being in the relaxation areas and tranquil zones.

Sauna area in your 4*S Wellness hotel

Be aware of the power of the moment. The energy and tranquillity of the Alps helps us reflect. Stop and catch your breath. Feel the warmth on your skin and re-energise.

  • Alpine sauna 80 - 100 °C
    Finnish block house sauna in the middle of mountain pastures
    (with separate showers, cloakrooms and vestibule)
  • Highlight
    Bread baking relaxation room on the upper floor
  • Dry salt sauna with infra-red loungers
    Infra-red sauna with salt stone wall to relax and take a deep breath
    Unique atmosphere thanks to the back-lit salt stone wall
  • Bio sauna approx. 60 °C
    The Bio sauna is a sauna variant which includes light therapy and is easy on the circulation – for a pleasantly relaxing feeling.
  • Salt water steam bath
    with healing salt steam
    (healing effect for chills and general malaise)
  • Crashed Ice fountain
    for maximum refreshment & to cool off after a sauna session
  • Kraxnofen
    Pure relaxation with the aroma of freshly cut grass, warm, aromatic neck towels and the herbal steam from our own hay. Relaxing, stimulates the circulation, warms, boost the metabolism and enhances the lymphatic system. A wide range of treatments, including herbal steam for the back and shoulder area, and slight ‘overheating’ of the pelvis via the heated seat. While you enjoy the beneficial effect of the Kraxnofen, you get to enjoy extra pampering with a special foot soak.

Sauna & steam bath opening hours: 

Standard opening times 14:00 - 21:00
When the weather is not great 12:00 - 21:00


Relaxing highlight: Bread baking relaxation room

Even hundreds of years ago farmers were aware of the healing enzymes in bread dough, so in keeping with that age-old tradition, we have created a relaxation room for you which has a bread baking oven in which we bake fresh bread. The dreamy bread baking relaxation room is located in the little sauna block building outdoors and provides dreamy views. Home-made bread is baked fresh every day, and can be devoured straight away with some home-made butter. A joy for your palate and body alike, since bread baking produces a dry heat, enriched with sourdough enzymes which stimulate the metabolism. In the bread baking relaxation room tea and a bar of refreshing drinks, fresh fruit and small nibbles are provided to ensure you are sated.

Alpine Wellness relaxation oases

Enjoy the luxury of levity and relaxation with wellness in Saalbach Hinterglemm. Spacious relaxation rooms in a stylish ambience, including the panorama relaxation room, a health and tea bar in the beauty area (a separate one in Salve in Terra) and the bread baking relaxation room provide space for you to switch off and enjoy yourself. Outdoors, the extensive lounger area has family loungers, partner loungers and parasols; plenty of space to relax and unwind. In the winter, underfloor heating is powered by our wood chip heating system and lambskin throws on the loungers are wonderfully cosy and warm for this cold time of the year.

Outdoor pool in the Hotel Unterschwarzachhof

Give the gift of a pleasure-filled time away.

Wellness gift vouchers for the Hotel Unterschwarzachhof

Surprise a person dear to you and bring joy – give the gift of time, with a Unterschwarzachhof gift voucher. With it you have the perfect gift to hand.


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