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Sharing Table at The Schwarzacher

A common culinary pleasure

Chef Robert Rübsam brings fresh air and many new ideas into the kitchen of the Schwarzacher after the long-time Schwarzacher chef Hubert Schieber came into well-earned retirement and handed over the scepter - or rather the wooden spoon - to him.

Sharing Table - a social event with pleasurable diversity

In the Restaurant Galerie on the first floor of the Schwarzacher a special highlight will be served in the evening. At "sharing table" the Schwarzacher team serves various dishes in the middle of the table - where they are served to share with your favorite people, friends or family. Everyone can taste to their hearts content - an incredible variety of delicacies. In this case one chooses e.g. one of two different starter themes - such as "Alpine Tradition" or "Mediterranean Round" - and one of the main food themes - here you can choose between "from the farm", "Fondue Chinoise", "exquisite game dishes" or "fish and vegetables". A worthy conclusion is the dessert selection with either "sweets" or "variations selected cheeses".

Sharing- Table Menu

Sharing-Dessert Menu

We recommend that you book a table in advance at +43 (0) 6541 6633-9 or send us your request via our contact form.


Together, it just tastes better. Not only that, but eating together strengthens cohesion, family and self-confidence and provides a sense of security. Just a valuable time.


There is not the right dish for you at the sharing table? Then you can choose from the à la carte menu at The Schwarzacher, or treat yourself to culinary delights in the restaurant of the 4 * superior Hotel Unterschwarzachhof by the kitchen team under the direction of chef Eduard "Edi" Stebel.