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History and philosophy of the Unterschwarzachhof

The Unterschwarzach has a long tradition, and this connection between estate and family that has grown over centuries creates a unity that fascinates every guest. Find out more about the history of the Unterschwarzach estate and the philosophy of the Hasenauer family.

Anno dazumal 4*s Hotel Unterschwarzachhof Saalbach Hinterglemm
Außenansicht im Sommer des 4*s Hotel Unterschwarzachhof Saalbach Hinterglemm

Philosophy and principles of the Unterschwarzachhof

Where do you find quality in a successful holiday? In the decent luxury of your room or elegant suite? In the amount of space available for you and your loved ones? In the delicious cuisine using fresh local ingredients from the hotel’s own farm? Or in an extensive range of wellness, distinctive in its use of Alpine, local, and high-quality products and treatments? These are all qualities that are present at our hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm and our other Unterschwarzachhof businesses.

Honesty and quality you can rely on

How about absolute honesty of your hosts and quality you can rely on not just when dealing with you as a guest, but also with staff and delivery people? With a conscience for sustainability and a regard for the beauty of our surroundings and everything that lives in them?

Quality holidays at the Unterschwarzach

Holidays here at the Unterschwarzachhof offer many hidden qualities as well as the obvious. No hunt for extravagance, but rather a sensitivity to genuine things. A feeling that is palpable immediately in how we interact with our guests from the outset, when our passion as hosts and farmers is in self evident. “Of course, contented guests make us happy, but our aim is to inspire our guests in a really special way!”

With this in mind, we constantly strive to offer our guests wonderful, unforgettable experiences in our Saalbach Hinterglemm businesses.

With best wishes, Toni, Jacky, Thomas & Antonia Hasenauer
and the Unterschwarzachhof team

Unterschwarzach chronicle – an estate with history

The Hasenauer coat of arms

Familienwappen Unterschwarzach

Our family coat of arms contains, as is usual in heraldry, certain symbols that represent the job or function of the holder of the coat of arms:

  • The bishop’s mitre represents the original Unterschwarzachhof, built by Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron
  • The building dates back to 1562
  • The house represents a farm and cosiness
  • The key represents security
  • The deer represents the hunting lodge
  • The bread & jug represent food and drink

Chronicle of the Unterschwarzach estate in Saalbach Hinterglemm

1562 Beginning - 1999 Transfer to Toni Hasenauer

1562 – Beginning as a hunting lodge of Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron
The original Unterschwarzachhof was built by the Salzburg Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron in 1562, and served him as a hunting lodge. The pictures of hunts and saints on the facades remind us of this.

1902 The Unterschwarzachhof comes into the ownership of the Hasenauer family
Built originally as a hunting lodge in 1562, the estate came into the ownership of the Hasenauer family in 1902.

In 1902, with the marriage of Anna and Josef Hasenauer, the Hasenauer family bought the former “Unterschwarzachgut”, and this marriage produced not only the grandfather of the present owner Toni Hasenauer, but also 14 other children.

1919 A stroke of fate for the family
Joseph Hasenauer died in a forestry accident, and at an early age Toni’s grandfather had to take on his duties. He often told of the hard times during the 1930s. When his mother died suddenly in 1935, he continued to run the business with his sister, Katharina.

1948 Arrival of the first guests
In 1945, the first lift was built in Saalbach Hinterglemm and in 1948, the old farmhouse was partially renovated and began to offer accommodation for the first guests on holiday in Pinzgau.

1960 More comfort for guests
In 1960, Toni Hasenauer’s grandparents could finally afford a major reconstruction. The Hasenauer family proved their qualities as pioneers; in those days central heating and running water in rooms on holidays in Pinzgau was really something very special.

1961 Marriage of Anna and Bartholomäus Hasenauer
The marriage of the parents of Toni Hasenauer – Anna und Bartholomäus.

1975 Transfer of the estate
14 years after the marriage, Toni’s grandfather passed the estate on to Anna und Bartholomäus. At that time, 3 generations were under one roof, Toni’s grandparents, his parents, and his 5 brothers and sisters.

1976 Major conversion to a 3 star hotel
Just 1 year after the transfer of the estate, the Unterschwarzachhof was converted into a hotel.

1999 Transfer of the estate to Toni Hasenauer
Toni’s parents went into well-earned retirement, and as the eldest son, he took over the house and estate.

2001 Conversion to a 4 star hotel - until now

2001 Conversion to a 4 star hotel
By extensive works on the building, the Hasenauer family was successful in attaining the 4th star for their hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm with its new ambience.

2002 Marriage of Toni and Jacky Hasenauer and birth of son, Thomas
In 2002, the owner Toni Hasenauer and his wife Jacky celebrated their wedding, and in December of the same year, their son Thomas was born.

2004 Birth of daughter Antonia
In October 2004, the family was overjoyed at the birth of little Antonia.

2006 The first suites
Another section of the building was newly renovated, giving rise to 13 wonderful rooms and suites furnished in a luxurious country house style.

2007 Extensive conversion to a 4 star superior hotel in Saalbach Hinterglemm
The 4* superior Hotel Unterschwarzachhof was opened in its new design. The new, exclusive country house design stands out with its spacious new wellness area, indoor pool, beauty department, further comfortable suites, new entrance hall, lobby, and bar as well as new facilities outside with outdoor pool, sunbathing lawn, and lots of attractions for children, offering families, wellness lovers, and active holidaymakers everything they could wish for on holidays in Pinzgau.

2010 Opening of “Der Schwarzacher” – Event location in the mountains
A further dream became a reality with the new opening of “Der Schwarzacher” with drive-in, après ski, chill out lounge and restaurants. “Der Schwarzacher” is the new star in the gastronomy sky of Saalbach Hinterglemm, and the perfect event location in Saalbach Hinterglemm.

2011 Staff house
A comfortable, new staff house for the Unterschwarzachhof was built in Hinterglemm, near to the hotel and event location, with 38 cosy units (studios, single and double rooms) for staff, with kitchenette, flatscreen TV, own bathroom, ski room, common room and laundry room.

2012  farm and cheese dairy
Right on the mountain amongst lush Alpine Meadows, the farm with cheese dairy was built. Here, Toni Hasenauer looks after his Pinzgau cattle, chickens, and horses. Milk is made into butter and cheese in the cosy cheese dairy, and can be tasted straightaway.

2013 The luxury chalet  “Schmiedalm”
A 370 m² luxury chalet was built at 1320 m above sea level, away from the masses, but right in the ski area. The luxury chalet Schmiedalm provides holidays in Pinzgau in a luxurious ambience.

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