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in the 4* superior Hotel Unterschwarzachhof in Hinterglemm

Kraxen oven with rose oil foot wash

15 min.    19,00 €

For centuries, the people of the Alps have used hay for healing and relaxation. The kraxen oven treatment is known to relax the body and warm the muscles, and is ideal before having a massage.

Classic Massages Overview

Whole Body Massage

50 min.    75,00 €

The classic. A massage tailored to your individual requirements, which relieves you from pain caused by stress and tension.

Benefits: Promotes blood circulation, releases tensions, relaxes, promotes a feeling of well-being, revitalises, improves performance, and brings tired muscles back to life again.

Partial Body Massage

25 min.    45,00 €

This basic massage can be tailored to suit individual needs, with relaxing or therapeutic effects. A partial massage concentrates on the back and neck area OR the legs.

Benefits: promotes blood circulation, releases tensions, relaxes, promotes a feeling of well-being, revitalises and improves performance, brings tired muscles back to life again.

Relaxation Massage

50 min.    78,00 €

This gentle and rhythmical technique offers an intensely relaxing experience on all levels.

Benefits: Positive effect on the vegetative nervous system, releasing antistress hormones, promoting a balance of body and mind, releases painful areas of muscle tightening and tension.

Reflexology massage

35 min.    58,00 €

The foot reflects our entire body. The organs, lymph and nerve system can be stimulated or soothed via the reflexology zones as well as relieving blockages.

Headaches, digestive problems, sleep disruption and stress complaints can also be soothed with this massage.

Sports massage

50 min.    76,00 €

Your body experiences regeneration and improved fitness through targeted massage techniques promoting performance.

Benefits: Release of tensions arising from sports activities, acceleration of healing processes after sports injuries, quick muscle regeneration, preparation for sports activities, reduces muscle cramp and treats overstrained muscles, and promotes the supply of oxygen to overstretched and overused muscles.


50 min.    76,00 €

A combination of the partial body massage and the reflexogogy massage.

Head, facial and neck massage

25 min.    45,00 €

For cases of unpleasant headaches arising mostly through working with computers or following long car journeys. Helpful in cases of neck pain, physical and psychological stress, headaches.

Benefits: Release of tension in the neck area, leading to headaches disappearing, and blockages in the neck area of the spine are released.

Manual lymph drainage

30 min.    50,00 €

Gentle massage with soft and flowing movements, which detoxify and unblock the body. The lymph flow is stimulated and metabolic disorders in the connective tissues eliminated.

30 Min.  € 50,00
50 Min.  € 76,00

  • Lymph drainage relieves pain and promotes healing and is therefore ideal following an operation, accident or with nerve-related disorders. This form of massage is also recommended with stasis conditions such as with serious leg strain.

Facial Lymph Drainage

35 min.    57,00 €

Special Massages

Signature Treatment Glemmstone

80 min.    116,00 €

A fascinating mixture of soothing massage and energy work with warm lava stones (55°C). The hot stone massage promotes blood circulation and the removal of waste products. The immune system is strengthened and the inner organs are addressed and activated.

Please note

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  • Prices marked with an asterisk are only valid for treatments between 09.00 am and 02.00 pm.
  • Please inform the beautician in advance of any illness or allergies you may suffer, or at the very latest, before the start of treatment.

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