4*S Hotel Unterschwarzachhof

Body Styling & Body Wraps

Experience complete weightlessness

Feel the vibrations of regeneration. Our bodies are exposed to a great deal of stress in daily life, especially our skeletons. Enjoy the boundless sensation of weightlessness on our Haslauer Soft-Pack hammock-couch, which is gently heated to a perfect temperature, where our therapists will be waiting to treat you to the wraps and baths.

There are various body pack treatments available on our soft pack bed:

  • Care packs
  • Detoxifying packs
  • Deacidification
  • Firming packs

Once the appropriate pack has been applied by one of our therapists, you then enter the comfortable, pleasantly warm soft pack waterbed where the pack has an especially intense effect, and thanks to the weightless environment, your whole musculoskeletal system is freed up. Enjoy a wonderful feeling of absolute weightlessness.

Body treatments in the soft pack water bed

Our tip: the soft pack bed treatment is especially for skin firming treatment.

Moor Pack

30 min.    33,00 €

Especially recommended as preparation for massages, reducing muscle and joint pains, and releasing tensions.

Seaweed Pack

30 min.    33,00 €

A detoxifying and cleansing pack with a large proportion of minerals that strengthen the function of the skin. Especially effective during or after weight reduction.

Body Styling by !QMS

Using a highly stimulating product, the skin is purified and the connective tissue firmed. This wrap treatment promises to leave your figure wonderfully toned and smooth.

Body Peeling

35 min.    64,00 €

Your skin gains a silky feel to it thanks to the removal of dry and calloused skin. Body peeling is especially recommended prior to body packs as your skin becomes much more receptive to care products. What’s more, your holiday tan will remain for longer.

Salve in Terra

Experience an extraordinary ritual to awaken your own well-being…

Salve in Terra for Two

50 min.    58,00 €

Enjoy a private spa with a new dimension. With no therapists present, enjoy the vibrations of changing music lying cosily on a special resting bed alone with your partner. A choice of luxurious aromatic mud and foaming plant extracts is an invitation to really relax and wallow. An experience for all the senses.

60 Min. - € 48,00 for one person

Please note

For further enquires or to book an appointment, please contact a member of staff who will be pleased to assist you.

  • Prices marked with an asterisk are only valid for treatments between 09.00 am and 02.00 pm.
  • Please inform the beautician in advance of any illness or allergies you may suffer, or at the very latest, before the start of treatment.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the start of the agreed appointment will be subject to a 50% charge of the agreed booked service. We would therefore like to ask you to make every effort to arrive at the appointed time.

Reservations Body Wraps

Book your desired appointment time for your body wrap treatment now. Our staff at the beauty reception are available for any further questions you may have and to arrange your appointment with you.